In 1998, OH Dae-soo is drugged and kidnapped in front of his own house. Coming to, Dae-soo realizes he has been thrown into a private prison. The people who imprison him supply him with food, water and a television. Dae-soo watches the news and learns that his beloved wife was brutally murdered and the police suspects Dae-soo as the murderer. He vows to survive his ordeal and take revenge on the men who destroyed his happy life. Dae-soo habituates himself to the darkness in the cell, training his mind and body. He covers himself with tattoos, evidence of the time that he has spent in the cell. One day, Dae-soo is given sleeping gas again. He comes to and finds he has been released, 15 years after he was kidnapped. He tries to find out who is behind all of this and why.
Video Format

Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1


3 DVDs + 1 CD Soundtrack


Region 3

Released Country


Audio Format

Korean Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Korean Dolby Digital 2.0


English, Korean

Run Time

120 Minutes + 240 Minutes Bonus


[R] for strong violence including scenes of torture, sexuality and pervasive language

DVD Features
  • 100% Handmade Copper Package wich is housed in a replica 'Present' box from the film
  • Unique Serial Number
  • 50 pages Photobook
  • Soundtrack (OST CD)
  • 3 Film cuts
  • Short Films by Park Chan-Wook: 'Trial' (1999) 'Secret'(music video) 'Memory of Old Boy'(directed by Kim Min-Seok)
  • Deleted Scenes (with commentary of Park Chan-Wook)

Disc 1

  • Feature
  • commentary by PARK Chan-Wook
  • commentary by PARK Chan-Wook + JEONG Jung-hun
  • commentary by PARK Chan-Wook + CHOI Min-sik, YOO Ji-tae, KANG Hye-Jung
  • commentary by HARRY KNOWLES in English
  • commentary by KIM Young-Jin

Disc 2

  • Making of Documentary part 2: Biography of Crime, In New Zealand, Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival
  • Old Boy Project
  • I want to tell you my story: Interviews
  • Background: commentary by musician and production designer
  • Search out behind Scene : deleted scenes
  • Interview with Director
  • The other old boy: Short Films by Park Chan-Wook: 'Trial' (1999) 'Secret'(music video) 'Memory of Old Boy'(directed by Kim Min-Seok)

Disc 3

  • The Story of Old Boy : Diary of the Production of Old Boy

Disc 4

  • Soundtrack
Package Weight


Limited to how many
1.134 / 2.754
My conclusion
One of my favorite Box-Sets! I couldn't find this for a human price. But finally I bought it for unbelievable 10.200Yen in Tokyo Akihabara!!! Normal prize was 18.900Yen. Thanks to Nao Y. for dealing. Arigato gozaimashita!


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